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Elevate Business Program
with Sarah Clarke
Written by Christy of
ABOVE: Sarah Clarke – Media Strategist –

This article has been written by Christy the head stumbler and bumbler of; a stay at home mum turned blogger who writes about all things motherhood and mental health.

What I Needed to Learn To Support My Online Business Goals


I had dreamed about owning a small business one day; dreamed about building something and nourishing it to grow. I fantasized about being my own boss, meeting new people and making things happen. I visualized a space and a place where I could become MORE.

I felt drawn toward it. I felt there was something there for me. I felt my future.

At the time, I was a full-time SAHM entering my 6th year at home. I began to feel a stir, felt the nudge and listened to the universe and its messages.

It was the call of the wild, the surge for survival, the desperation to return to myself. The signal to start paying attention and to begin living with intention. I needed to water my withering spirit with kindness, empowerment, love and respect and allow her to grow so that she might stand tall and strong.


I had become so much as a mother, learned so much about myself and through that learned there was more to me than met the eye. There was more that I wanted from this world and from myself. I wanted to leave a legacy. I needed to establish this for my girls. My life as their example; the factory model that they will derive meaning from and the prototype that they will later apply to their lives. My legacy must demonstrate strength and survival, abundance and love, challenge and triumph.

It was crucial for me to show them more. I wanted more than motherhood, I wanted something for myself. My best life will be their best example of life. branch page divider Blog No 1 - When Seeds Are Planted Anything is Possible Cover Image - Seed sprouting from soil
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In late spring of 2019, I slowly woke the part of my brain that had been hibernating since becoming a mother. I clumsily landed a social media marketing assistant position and stood at the precipice of my future. I was now responsible for the online marketing efforts of a company within a new-to-me industry, learning about new-to-me approaches to marketing, all the while trying out this new-to-me Working Mother thing.

I was green and under-informed but I dove in feet first and gathered as much information as I could find. There was no official marketing plan, few documents to review and very little training offered, but there was the opportunity to champion this new challenge with creativity and persistence. I hunkered down, observed the marketplace and asked questions. I watched tutorials and subscribed to online marketing newsletters. I was working by the seat of my pants, learning the game as I played it. But, what I didn’t have was a full understanding of what I was doing and I was not happy with, nor confident in, what was being produced.

Now, I must mention that prior to this position I had utilized social media strictly on a personal level. I did not have an understanding of the ins and outs of the platforms, or the best practices of engagement and account management. Observation and mimicry were my biggest aids in moving about this application, but I lacked the theory for use and I doubted my efforts.

Clearly, I was being presented with opportunity, two fold. On a professional level it was time to raise the bar. I needed more information and I needed a leader; an expert to foster the experience. On a personal level I was being provided an opportunity to grow, to evolve and learn a new skill; this opportunity would enable and provide me with that something more to offer.

I found Sarah Clarke online, through social media, like I find everything now-a-days. Sarah, a Media Strategist, was facilitating a Social Media Marketing Workshop series in the Autumn of 2019. The timing couldn’t have been better. I required the knowledge of the industry and the tactics to play the game. Here was a local business,, offering just that and at an affordable rate! The universe’s message couldn’t have been clearer. branch page divider branch page divider

The more I learned about this industry the more enthusiastic I became. When I was introduced to Twitter, I was never more excited about a platform! My response to all of this was genuine. I had happened upon something here. I recognized that this excitement was just as authentic as it was deeply rooted in what I wanted to be doing. It was so blatantly obvious that it couldn’t be ignored.

Building my website and delving into the world of Social Media Marketing has ignited a passion for me. I find the task exciting and diverse. It fosters my motivation to reach out and connect with other business owners, other content creators and other writers so as to grow stronger and learn through a hands-on, knowledgeable community.

I have been Elevated. branch page divider
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The success of the original workshop series saw many online collaborations with a number of female business owners, creators, bloggers, and dreamers. This fostered the idea of building the workshop series into a multi-faceted program to further the interactions of group members and to formalize this movement into a weekly coaching program; ELEVATE.

The Elevate Program is a coaching/mentoring membership based program for like-minded individuals to grow and prosper online. The program is perfect for any business owner, non-profit director, blogger, e-commerce or online business entrepreneur. The program’s outcomes are to provide timely education regarding business and online visibility while creating a supportive community that utilizes networks and referrals. Each entrepreneur will set individual goals as a measure of progress and accountability and all will be encouraged to connect, network and support other group members. branch page divider
The Elevate Program
Elevate a program for entrepreneurs to elevate online visibility branch page divider

It’s like having access to a sounding board and an accountability partner at arm’s length. The value of the group’s benefits far extends the education piece and everything packaged together gives you the means, mandate and momentum to move forward towards success!

Together Sarah and the Elevate Program strive to create a supportive and interactive environment one where group members are able to share unique skills and talents and where support can be offered while building a knowledgeable network for referral.

The Elevate Program is everything in one package.

Members Receive;

  • A knowledgeable and experienced facilitator
  • A week-by-week program which highlights and informs about branding, website development, social media management, goals and strategies and more
  • A conversation which grows the connections and network of the group members so that they are able to support each other
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Sarah. SO VALUABLE as Sarah works to inspire and helps to steer the member’s project in a direction of growth in accordance to the member’s set goals. branch page divider
Elevate Business Program testimonial from client
Christy of
Recommends the program branch page divider

JOIN Sarah and experience the improvement and growth of your business’ online visibility.

EARLY BIRD RATE $99 FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER if you register before August 30th, plus join us August 26th for a FREE Website Foundations Webinar!

BONUS – ALL MEMBERS will receive a One-on-One Coaching Session with Sarah Clarke

AND access to a private Facebook Group!

EVERY Wednesday at 4pm EST meet via zoom

Regular monthly rate $149/month branch page divider
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A Word from the Author:

Becoming involved with Social Media Marketing became the jump-start I needed to get back into the workforce. Transitioning from SAHM to publishing online as a Blogger and Content Creator has opened up so many doors and pathways to new learning and opportunity. It provides me with a challenge to tackle which allows my creativity to be whatever is needed in the moment. It grants me the freedom to be a Working Mother giving time to my family, my website and most importantly myself. I believe that this type of career will grow as I grow, as my interests grow, as opportunity grows and my creativity flows. branch page divider

Thanks for reading. Really, it means so much. I would love to hear about what Motherhood is like for you. Drop me a comment and share, share, share.

With Appreciation,


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8 thoughts on “Blog No. 9 – Educate to Elevate – A Program for Success”

  1. Sounds fantastic. We love the way it all came together for you. we give ourselves and the power of our desires less credit than they deserve. Paulo Cohelo (one of my favourite authors) writes “when we want something the whole universe conspires with us” ~ The Alchemist. That’s a very powerful thought. You called it and were open to seeing every opportunity that would get you to where you want to be! The very best of luck xx

    1. Thank you, T.B.C! I appreciate your comment and for sharing the Cohelo quote. Powerful thought. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. Best of everything for you.

  2. Wow what an amazing post! I think you did such a great job at explaining your journey that people will warm up to you and support your dreams in a heart beat! Thank you for sharing this! and I will be sure to help you share this too.

    1. Hi Lisamarie! Wow, what a lovely comment. The people we surround ourselves with certainly do impact the journey, and the support I have received along the way has been so appreciated. Thanks for your support too! I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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