the summer of self-care self challenge check in and updates week 4 july 30 2020


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Who struggles with self-care?

Who puts everyone else ahead of themselves?

Who is feeling deflated, burnt out, overwhelmed and taken for granted?

Who else is feeling what I am feeling? the summer of self care challenge love yourself

When I think back in time to all the people I have become to accommodate all the people I have put ahead of myself and when I realize that all of the broken promises have been the ones I promised myself, I can’t help but think, rather scream, enough is enough!

The idea for The Summer of Self-Care (Self) Challenge came out of absolute necessity.

Each move that distracts my focus from my health and well being is a move that takes me farther from myself and my happiness. Each day that I shift focus to something else my body stiffens from the lack of exercise, I fall to the torment of my mind playing games of self-sabotage, I feel my scattered emotions, the extra pounds and the exhaustion while the darkness of my depression becomes harder to mask.

Most days I am just getting by. Powered by the caffeine and momentum, orbiting around my family, meeting their needs, satisfying their requests, motivated by the dailies of life; take care of the kids, keep the house reasonable, cook something for dinner.

We have all heard those old adages: one cannot take of anyone until they have first taken care of themselves, or, how one can fill another’s bucket from their own drained well…Well, you don’t because you can’t. This is where I am at. when I am accepting of and loyal to myself, I am my greatest piece of work

When I talk about self-care I am speaking about creating an approach that satiates Mind, Body and Spirit. I am talking about what I need to identify my authenticity and overall wellness as part of my life’s work. I am talking about embracing an approach to everyday life that supports my mental health, my physical health and my spiritual health.

I have spent a great deal of time in 2020 working on my confidence levels while trying to hold space for the ideology that I can actually – wholeheartedly – believe in myself, my abilities and my talents. is the online manifestation of that belief. Building this website, creating a space for myself to be and allowing myself the time to create is the self-care that I am currently invested in. But it’s not enough because it does not speak to the totality of the self-care I require.

I have committed the months of July and August to my individual self-care journey. I have selected a book to assist with the task. I have developed a program based on my needs in response to the chapters within the book. The commitment is to mindfully move through each step, completing each task, working my way toward achieving my goal of creating a self-care ritual that benefits and feeds my Mind, Body and Spirit.

The foundations of this self-care journey will harness the support of discovery through the following modalities: the summer of self-care self challenge modalities journaling meditation mindfulness creative visualization habitual rituals
As I dive into this committed relationship with myself I will be documenting all about it here on the website and on social media!
Check out the blog launching Friday, for the kick off to The Summer of Self Care (Self) Challenge! heart with hand logo