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A winner will be selected at random and contacted by email on NOVEMBER 30, 2020.

This is’s FIRST EVER product. My healing journey has inspired this product. I crafted the individual affirmations and designed the deck itself. It is the perfect self-care tool for the well-being warrior and those who need a boost of positivity and motivation.

Now is YOUR chance to WIN one of the first decks ever produced, The ORIGINAL Daily Affirmation Deck.

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“I am so proud to present something so dear to my heart. Something that I created for my own healing journey, and like with everything about this healing journey, I feel compelled to share.”

-Christy, Head Stumbler & Bumbler HAS MERCH!

The Daily Affirmation Deck Launch arrives ahead of the gift giving season. A Positive Affirmation has the power to influence one’s state of mind and sense of personal empowerment; and, that’s just what it did for me. I was once a skeptic, (of course before I ever tried anything like this) and now I feel like I have been transformed into someone who deals in affirmations frequently. I really believe that consistency in use is helpful to one’s positivity balance and overall mindset and mental well-being.

What is a Daily Positive Affirmation?

A Daily Positive Affirmation has the power to influence one’s state of mind and sense of personal empowerment. The repetition of a positive affirmation has a lasting effect in tethering thoughts to positivity and slowly shifting and changing patterns of thought. With time a practice like this has the power to change one’s life.

The Daily Affirmation Deck will be available to order soon. Just in time for the gift giving season!


The Making of the Daily Affirmation in My Day-to-Day

During the summer of 2020 I began a practice of reading affirmations, and at times, simply thinking of and repeating positive affirmations to influence my mindset. The shift into a positive outlook that I experienced was significant and I saw the ripple effect across all my various roles and responsibilities as mother, wife, content creator, copywriter wannabe, blogger and headmaster of my life’s dreams. Experiencing the affirmations and becoming aware of the shift was beholding – enough that I was inspired to create a tool for coping with and re-framing the negativity I felt was infiltrating my daily life. I needed to shift the energy into something that I could more readily work with and grow from.

Daily Affirmations and Positive Mindset

The tool was created and is featured on my website as a scrolling gallery of affirmations, which I designed. These affirmations speak to my journey and have truly helped to inspire positivity within my mindset. I took a step further and began to share the affirmations on social media and experienced some favorable engagement. A positive affirmation has power.

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I shared the story of the affirmations on my website and social media with some fellow business women and they met the concept with great enthusiasm. Creating a physical deck of daily affirmations was truly inspired in this moment and reassured through the overall response I was receiving. The Daily Affirmation Deck Launch is a collaboration between healing and creativity and support. It has been a heart-warming experience.


The Daily Affirmation Deck – The Original Deck

The Daily Affirmation Deck - the Original Deck

I am a pure piece of the universe

How to Use This Deck

Thanks for taking the time to check out this amazing NEW Product! I am excited to share this with you and provide you with this uplifting and positivity boosting Gift Giving Idea.

With appreciation,

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