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A message from Christy, Head Stumbler and Bumbler of beholdher.life...

Christy, Head Stumbler and Bumbler of beholdher.lifeBeautifully Flawed and Fully Embraced | I am a work in progress. My writing is a work in progress. My life, you guessed it, a work in progress. I am where I am at and I strive to meet myself exactly in this place.  A friend  suggested that rather than trying to shift my mindset to make things right, that perhaps I would be better served meeting myself exactly where I am; right here, right now.

Words connect me to my truth and help me accept all that I am; employing radical self-acceptance, without judgement, without hesitation, without censorship. My message helps to form the person I have always been, setting emotions in place, solidifying ideas,  dreams and desires while disrobing myself from the ideals of others and society.

Writing is a journey of its own and the insights collected are souvenirs tucked into this catalogue of thoughts and feelings, of experiences and tears and laughter and love. It is the toughest road I’ve ever traveled, so unpredictable, with many curves and unexpected pot holes.

My true voice is the one with the ability to speak of the love and sadness that lives within, to abolish the fear of attack, to strengthen positions of lived experience and to form a clear affirmation that I too have a place and a story; I have something to share, to reveal, and to become.

And, it is my work to progress.

 Beautifully Flawed and Fully Embraced | beholdher.life

Beautifully Flawed and Fully Embraced

Beholdher.life is an ever-growing collection and documentation of my life; my writing and my art. It’s the food that I make and the mother that I am. It’s the reality that I live. It’s the things that I struggle with. It’s my truth; my human truth. It’s my humanhood.




the state or character of being human
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition

I want it to be real. A real reflection of self; a kindred spirit, a twin flame, a soul mate, garnering radical self-acceptance and reaching the pinnacle of self-love, acceptance and authenticity.

Beholdher.life is a safe space, it’s also:

  • A creative space. 
  • A journeying space. 
  • An evolving space. 
  • A tolerant and accepting space. 
  • A nakedly vulnerable space. 
  • A loving space. 
  • An awakening space. 
  • An awkward space. 
  • A reflective space. 
  • A forgiving space, and


… A beautifully flawed and fully embraced space.


You have entered a work in progress, no hard hats are necessary, or hard hearts for that matter. I ask that you enter with an open heart and a true intention for peace and mutual respect; not only for me, but for yourself as well. As you enter know that we are meeting ourselves in the space that we are in, right here and right now.

“Speaking one’s truth is brave in my opinion, but only because I have been afraid to speak out. Living one’s truth, unwavering and unapologetic has felt unattainable, if only because I have created myself in the shape of others for so long.” – Christy, Head Stumbler & Bumbler @beholdher.life


  1. Beholdher.life is a space for all who resonate with having lived outside of their truth, who are journeying back to the authentic selves, and for those who are balancing intricate emotions and with high functioning society.
  2. Beholdher.life is a space where I can be real and gain new insight. It enables vulnerability, it is a space where I feel safe to open and expand my heart and share my love while nurturing and learning to love myself. Gentle as she goes.
  3. Beholdher.life is also a space with potential. I envision a platform to support others, to celebrate other women who have overcome struggle to reclaim their lives, their worth and share their story of triumph.


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voices carry when hearts are open...

In essence, beholdher.life is where I hope to meet myself, my true and authentic self. It’s a space where I am free to be, to wonder, to revel, to feast and to love. A space where I can rediscover my passion for writing, reintroduce myself to the person I abandoned and reconnect with the all that I am comprised of.

It’s also a destination and stories and photographs and recipes and musings that I share with you, those who know what it takes, or soon will, to radically self-accepted and confidently move forward to pursue passion and purpose.


Beholdher.life holds two mission statements. One where I am accountable to myself and, the second, where I hold myself accountable to my humanity and to my journey of radical self-acceptance.

Personal Mission Statement:

To challenge myself to achieve my greatest life; by championing my fears and obstacles, by learning my true authentic self, by pursuing my dreams and following my ideas to completion, to live honestly, intentionally and with great love and courage. This quote sums it up nicely.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” - Steve Maraboli

The Healing & Revealing Journey Mission Statement:

To declare and share my humanness, my real experiences and emotions, to live authentically and share what makes life easier for me. To empower; and to feel empowered with the creation of resources.

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