Coming Soon! is experiencing an OVERHAUL & REFRESH for the NEW YEAR. Refocused, Reinvigorated & Ready. Photo of Christy against green barn board with head tilted toward the sky


You have just entered a work in progress, no hard hats are necessary, or hard hearts for that matter. I ask that you enter with an open heart and a true intention for peace and mutual respect. Not only for me, but for yourself; you are the most important person here right now.

With all that fills our days and lives, this space is being created to nurture an environment focused on exploration of self and the pursuit of purpose.  A space where I can exercise my creative spirit and curious mind.  A space where I can be quiet so as to wonder and write. It is also a space which I am inclined to share. Not because I believe myself to be the authority of anything but, rather, recognizing that when in need there are often others in need as well.

In truth, is where and how I hope to figure things out for myself, how I intended to become the beholder of my own multi-faceted beauty.  A space where I am free to be, to wonder, to revel, to feast and to love. A space where I can rediscover my passion for writing, reintroduce myself to the person I abandoned and reconnect with the things that make me, Christy.

The space that I have envisioned represents something so important and personal to me. Building this website and preparing to write a blog, while torturing myself with self doubt, has brought me to the realization that some amount of personal exposure is necessary, inevitable and bravely vulnerable. This has been one of the most emotional experiences of discovery and creation that I have ever experienced. All of which has been so very wonderful, equally scary and not even close to finished!

I hope to publish a new blog every couple of weeks, the content of which will cover topics that pertain to my day to day life; being a woman, a parent, a hopeful white witch building an apothecary, a life-long animal and nature lover, someone exploring their ancestors’ ideologies and lore, along with anything else that might catch my fancy; always drawing the subject matter back to the question of self and one’s purpose.

Please regard this blog as a space where it is safe for hearts to be open, where judgments are rescinded and the pressure to perform is replaced with the art of simply being.